Stunning Hillside House in Portugal’s Only National Park

An Unforgettable Holiday Experience


Located on a hillside in Gerês National Reserve, the property stands dramatically on stilts overlooking the magnificent reservoir. Designed around nature, this holiday home is constructed mainly from glass and timber, with huge windows and terraces to assimilate the beauty of its surroundings. This truly memorable holiday home in Portugal is the creation of Carlos Castanheira.

The house is elevated from the ground by 52 timber pillars, and almost the entire structure of the house has been left exposed. Interiors are wide open with wooden floors and ceilings, and floor-to-ceiling windows that wrap around the whole building. With the views through the windows, there’s no need for decor, although there are occasional nods to the natural surroundings in the form of antlers and butterflies.

A large terrace forms the centerpiece of the house, connecting the main living room with the dining space. Sleeps up to 8, there is one master room with two single bedrooms. All three bedrooms in the house are attached to a private balcony with a unique view. A central fireplace divides the living room area to keep the space cozy and warm on cold winter nights. The house also features a private boat dock that is only accessible through a bridge on the roof.

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