Historic Log Cabin Finally Gets Due Renovation

The Culmination of Updates Through the Years


The Stevens Log House in Pennsylvania is a venerable old house that understandably went through many renovation efforts through the years.  But in spite of it, the present owner successfully carried out an update to bring it to the present without giving up its historic and old world appeal.  By placing wood accents on small areas of some interior walls – using the same kind of timber wall planks used on the facade – a consistent material palette is achieved, linking the exterior to the interior spaces.  At the same time the wood wall accents, weathered wood ceiling joists, and the wooden floor planks all provide the necessary accent, textural and color contrasts to the muted and lighter paint color of the rest of the walls.  Even the white-hued appliances, the smooth shiny objects and the curvilinear shape of a few furniture pieces all provide the necessary foil to bring all the elements together nicely.  The result – a pleasing and eye-catching blend of the old and the new.  Now take a look at these photos to see how beautifully it turned out.  Don’t forget to tell us what you think on our Facebook Page!


Built in 1790, the Stevens Log House of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, survived the Civil War only to be faced with a slow onslaught of renovations that rendered it a mixed bag of changes from different eras. . .

. . . A plaque on the outside describes it as a ‘fine, intact example of early 19th century village life with few amenities .’  For better and for worse, there are now a lot more.



RESIZED Gettysburg 01

RESIZED Gettysburg 11





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