[FOR SALE] A Home That Can’t Be Compared

A Unique Home in Mount Crested Butte

The regular shape every house has can sometimes get a little boring. Straight walls, a big roof, regular shaped windows. It’s almost always the same. But what happens when it’s spiced up a little?

This unique home was built in 1985 by renowned architect, Robert Harvey Oshatz. At the time, its’ shape was even more unusual. As a result, the home gained some fame. But it’s definitely not living off of old fame. The price of $1,800,000 has to be justified.

The home consists of four bedrooms and five bathrooms, and a spacious living and cooking space. Since it’s located in a small mountain town Mount Crested Butte, the views are spectacular. Considering that, there is a 1000 square foot balcony that goes against the entire backside of the home.

The landscaping is equally as beautiful as the home with walkways leading you to the hot tub, patio areas, wildflowers and a rich aspen grove. Key features of the home include curly redwood throughout, rich slate floors, granite slabs, custom cabinetry and as you would expect high end finishes throughout.

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