Don’t Be Fooled By Its Small Appearance….Take a Look Inside!

Amazing Tiny House feels Unbelievably Spacious Inside


After maximizing the available footprint of this unusual triangular plot sited between a river and a road, and the volume of the permissible envelope, this odd-shaped house still manage only 594 sq.ft of floor space spread across two stories and a mezzanine loft. Thankfully, Mizuishi Architect Atelier are masters at manipulating spatial perception. Through the artful adoption of singular white wall paint, strategic use of permeable materials, and ingenious orchestration of sightlines, the brightly-lit interior of this tiny Horinouchi home feels airy and much larger than it really is.

The reverse floor plan puts the main living space high enough to have a view over the river channel.  Tall windows at the very tips of the triangular plan draw the eye to the long views through the house. The living area has a built-in wooden bench below the windows (that) slide open to a very narrow balcony overlooking the river. The balcony (is) raised to the same level as the bench top, allowing the bench surface to supplement the balcony area.

Accessible by a ladder, the elevated loft serves as a multipurpose area that overlooks the living space at one side and the kitchen the other, and has two skylight windows through which the family can stargaze. On the ground floor, draw curtains divide the bathroom space from the bedroom to maintain a sense of openness.

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