A House Blessed with Amazing Hillside and Lake Views

Different Levels Afford Different Views!


Perched on a hillside somewhere in Chile, this magnificent and impressive cabin-like lake view retreat maximizes everything and anything that’s good in its enviable location:  the lake, the trees, the hillside, the sun and the sky.  Architect Sebastian Irarrazaval creatively devised a layout that conforms with and made the most out of the hillside slope, creating different levels that provide subtly different panoramas as one goes up or down the cascading structure.  With large windows that mostly run up the height of the walls, glazed patio doors and skylights, the boundary between the inside and the outside is blurred, creating exciting spaces that seem to flow out into the woods.  Indeed, it’s a house that celebrates both nature and man-made environment.  Take a look at these photos and tell us what you think on our Facebook Page!


The home was also designed to receive as much sunlight during the day as possible, this was achieved by having plenty of windows throughout the home.

Due to the slope of the site, the house has different levels as you travel throughout it.  Multiple staircases are used to move around the house . . . they’re located on either side of a large cut-out in the home that’s open to the elements and provides an abundance of light into the space and kitchen.

Just off the kitchen, there’s a deck that’s been built around a  tree and provides a space for outdoor dining and entertaining.


01 RESIZED Cascading Levels 02

02 RESIZED Cascading Levels 03-C

03 RESIZED Cascading Levels 03-A

04 RESIZED Cascading Levels 06-A

05 RESIZED Cascading Levels 07-B

06 RESIZED Cascading Levels 09-A

07 RESIZED Cascading Levels 07-A

08 RESIZED Cascading Levels 01



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