A House in Harmony with its Environment

A Blueprint for Future Sustainable Houses


It’s an interesting design concept that is as profound as it is simple.  The house, it is said, is like a connection or intermediary that reconciles man to his surroundings.  That means a house should be designed to provide shelter and comfort to man by making the most out of what’s available in the environment without harming it; for example, harnessing solar energy from the sun and power from the wind.  The house is then shaped both by man’s basic needs and the ideal interaction between  man and the environment.  This imposing and stunning bioclimatic house located in Tenerife, Spain, embodies that concept.  Take a look at these photos and tell us what you think on our Facebook Page!


The house is conceived as an element of intermediation (almost a platform) between the landscape and the inhabitants.  This initial premise guides us to rethink the essence of landscape, understood as CONTEXT, adding values to topographical, cultural and environmental interaction.


Besides, context is also understood (according to G. Bateson definition) as information, or more precisely, as communication:  we can reach from this analysis that the proposal respects the landscape, within a building adapted to what is pre-existent (clime and topography) which the proposal enhances.


RESIZED Bioclimatic House 02

RESIZED Bioclimatic House 04

RESIZED Bioclimatic House 05

RESIZED Bioclimatic House 09



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