A House with Strikingly Distinctive Facades

Inspired by Sunlight and Lot Shape


What will immediately strike you upon seeing this house is its appealing bold shape and massive appearance.  It’s quite minimalistic and yet there are enough textures and controlled neutral colors to bring about the attractive “rustic meets modern” look.  It’s a one-story residential structure in the village in Koidu, Estonia.  The playful and imposing facades – each side or elevation looks quite different – results from having to create spaces that would benefit from the surroundings,to provide protection from the elements, and to create visual impact.  Its floor layout is designed to work well with the shape of the property it’s built on and to take full advantage of the sunlight all throughout the day.  The generous height of the house creates double volume space in the social zones such as the living and dining areas.  In all, the interesting play of heights, shapes and volumes and the interior’s connection to the outside create a home that’s a joy to live in and behold.  Take a look at the photos and tell us what you think on our Facebook Page!


The main building was erected on the western side of the plot while the grill house stands on the east side inside a small hill and acts as an echo of the main building.  Between these two volumes an inner rectangular courtyard is created with golden ratio proportions.  The landscape protects the yard from the traffic noise and offers privacy.

Spacious living room, with a height up to 6 meters, is located on the western side of the building and opens into both south and west.  The living room is tightly connected with the terrace outside.  The shape of the patio is also created to follow the sun and open to the south and west.  The main part of the terrace is covered with the edge of the roof protecting it from the rain.  The wide overhang protects the living room from the sharp and hot summer sun.  In the winter when the sun is lower, the light passes under the eave to warm the building.  There is a chance that a neighbouring house will block the western sunlight in the future.  To maintain the access of the valuable evening light into the living room, a special sun window was created higher from the eye level.


RESIZED House in Koidu Village 01

RESIZED House in Koidu Village 02

RESIZED House in Koidu Village 03

RESIZED House in Koidu Village 11

RESIZED House in Koidu Village 07

RESIZED House in Koidu Village 08

RESIZED House in Koidu Village 16



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