Housing Modules Adapt to Environment and Owner’s Needs

Introducing Lake-Flato’s Porch Houses…


The design and construction of a house with a layout that takes into consideration the climate, environment as well as the requirements and taste of the client are made easier with the use of modular housing components that can be configured in many different ways – in short, adaptable and versatile.  It’s now made possible by Lake-Flato architects in their module-based Porch Houses as in the Miller family’s weekend retreat in Central Texas.  With the use of appropriate materials – such as corrugated metal sheets and cedar wood- maintenance, protection against the effects of weather, and wear and tear are all successfully addressed.  Take a look through the photos and tell us what you think on our Facebook Page!


Porch House, with a uniquely adaptable design  and construction process, enables its inhabitants to be a partner with the environment, in a house shaped by the climate and place, where the landscape and rooms are a unified whole.  Like many of our firm’s celebrated designs, the Porch House is born from the simplicity of vernacular architecture and leverages what Lake-Flato has learned over the years in terms of good design, quality, sustainability, and practicality.


03 RESIZED PorchHouse Miller 11

06 RESIZED PorchHouse Miller 07

08 RESIZED PorchHouse Miller 04

09 RESIZED PorchHouse Miller 12

11 RESIZED PorchHouse Miller 06

14 RESIZED PorchHouse Miller 09



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