[VIDEO] How to Build A Bee-Friendly Sun Hive

Help Save The Bees to Help Save The World…


Bees are our friends, and they help keep our natural environment in perfect order.  Not to mention, they give us the wonderful gift of honey.  Whatever your reasons are – whether you have a sweet tooth, or you want to save the world – here’s a complete tutorial for how you can save the bees by making this very beneficial sun hive for beekeeping and bee-nourishment.  Just press play for each of the 3 videos!


From top bar to Warré, there are plenty of different hive designs, each with its benefits and peculiarities. Made with “bee-centred” apiculture and conservation in mind, the Sun Hive is an alternative format for natural beekeepers. Made with a wooden frame, woven rye straw and cow dung, there’s a platform that allows for the separation of the lower and upper parts. The upper part is formed with removable wooden arches, which is where honey is stored, while the lower part is where surplus nectar can be stored. Mancke designed the Sun Hive after having observed a wild bee nest in the woods near his home, which took an egg-shaped form and was covered in waxy skin and propolis. As Mancke explains, the Sun Hive is an “intermediate form between a fixed-comb hive and one with a movable comb system,” which allows bees to live more naturally. The results of using the Sun Hive are quite extraordinary. As The Telegraph notes in an article on Heidi Herrmann, co-founder of UK-based Natural Beekeeping Trust, bees raised in Sun Hives are typically happier, more docile, healthier and don’t require artificial swarm suppression methods.

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