Dedication to Vernacular Bamboo Construction

Fascination that Translated to Incredibly Inspiring Portfolio of Works


Elora Hardy, a former fashion designer in NYC, decided to get her hand in sustainable building and founded Indonesian based architecture firm ‘Ibuku’.

“My (parents) founded the Green School and built every structure on campus out of bamboo. Having grown up in Bali, I had already had a taste of the creative possibilities of working with natural materials and skilled local craftsmen, and so the temptation to get involved with what was going on at home was strong enough to coax me away from both fashion and NYC.”

Fascinated by vernacular bamboo construction, Ibuku is dedicated to working closely with native bamboo builders and using only bamboo as a building material. Utilising traditional joinery and weaving techniques, their designs span typologies of houses, schools, bridges, auditorium and even a car park. Their handmade homes do not use any machinery and are entirely woven onsite by some 20 artisans. Large scaled models are used as mock-ups and serve as the blueprint for construction.

“Bamboo is a truly sustainable unrivalled timber, with the compressive strength of concrete and the tensile strength of steel. We use Petung, which can have as much as 18 meters of useable length. It’s lightweight, hollow, round, curving, and tapering. It’s also flexible, making it ideal for earthquakes, as it will bend and flex long before it breaks. There are 1450 species of Bamboo in the world, and my team uses 7 of them. It grows on most continents on Earth, and we harvest ours from groves deep in the ravines of Bali and Java”

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