[FOR SALE] An Iconic Masterpiece . . . By Frank Lloyd Wright

A Rarity . . . and a Classic


The Stuart Richardson house, designed by world-renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright, is a classic in its own right. And it’s one of the very few hexagonal house designs he did.  It’s big, luxurious, creatively designed, with lots of architectural details you’d be amazed at.  This house is actually for sale at $995,000 and it’s located at 63 Chestnut Hill Place, Glen Ridge, New Jersey.  It’s also designed in line with Frank Lloyd Wright’s Usonian concept, so the entire house seems to have sprung up from the ground and looks entirely at one with its landscaped surroundings. It’s also very seldom that a house of this stature would be put up for sale, so think hard about it.  There’s a video you will want to see at the end. But before that, take a look at these photos and tell us what you think on our Facebook Page!


The Stuart Richardson house is one of only a few that Wright designed using a hexagonal module – a geometric shape scribed into the concrete floor then followed in the placement of walls.  As a consequence, all angles in the house are either 60- or 120-degrees – only two right angles can be found in the structure.


The primary materials used in construction were brick, glass and cypress.  Bricks were cut on-site to conform to the structure’s hexagonal module.  The site is a hidden sanctuary with an in-ground pool reached by a gated driveway, protected by trees and landscaping.


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RESIZED 009_Living%20Room%207

RESIZED 011_Ceiling

RESIZED 012_Front%20Terrace

RESIZED 013_Kitchen

RESIZED 020_Hall%20Bathroom

RESIZED 022_Master%20Bedroom

RESIZED 025_Pool







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