The Ideal Log Cabin for an Active Outdoorsy Family

. . . With A Wooden Stairway Down to the Stream


What’s quite special about this log cabin is that it’s made out of original hand-hewn white logs circa 1850’s and a few more parts of it are still original. On the other hand, a number of areas have been renovated, such as the kitchen, to make this historic log cabin function well as a contemporary house.  It’s a two story log cabin, located in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia, that’s ideal for a family.  The property is situated in a forested rolling terrain, with a stream a few strides down.   Another way to reach the stream is by a wooden stairs – which somehow creates a surreal feel to the place – with a handrail on just one side, that winds down to the stream and the rest of the wooded surroundings.  With such a comfortable abode amid an inspiring close to nature setting, it’s also a perfect place to go hiking in the woods and go fishing down the stream, providing the residents old-fashioned, quite physical recreation, an ideal break from or an alternative to the pervading high-tech, sedentary preoccupation in today’s lifestyle.  So take a look at these photos and tell us what you think on our Facebook Page!


1850’s hand hewn white log, original floors, some original windows, staircases.  Moved to this waterfront lot in 1986 .  2 BR, large front porch overlooking the overflowing creek.  Newly renovated kitchen.  Splendid private setting. . . Stairs leading to the creek.  Great hiking and fishing nearby.


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