I’m a Log Home and You Better Not Forget It

Comes with a Package of Divine Activities Around


Log homes these days are often clad on the interior with drywall and other finishes, leaving the only “evidence” of its structure shown in the beams and columns throughout.  And while that’s for good reason (building code, insulation, etc.), it’s nice to come across a log home like this one every once in a while where the logs are expressed in a “I’m a Log Home and You Better Not Forget That!” kinda way.  This one is in Finland, but lucky for you, there’s no need to travel overseas to check it out (unless you want to, in which case it is for rent!)… you can just peruse through the photos below instead.  Enjoy!


A beautiful woodland log cabin for up to 6 people, situated in a stunning lakeside position on the edge of Nuuksio National Park, yet only a 45 minute drive from Helsinki. This recently constructed property offers high standard amenities; perfect for those looking for a luxurious getaway in a serene location. Spend your holiday relaxing at the cabin, or down by the lake on your private pier and rowing boat. The wonderful forest scenery of the national park is just a few steps from the cabin, perfect for hiking or berry picking. You can also rent a bicycle from the owners. In winter head into the forest on snowshoes, or try some ice fishing. The cottage owners can organize activities for your group such as guided hikes or snowshoe walks, forest mushroom picking, or wilderness cooking.












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