Impressive Little Off-Grid Guest House

Guest House + Writer’s Shed


Call it a perfect off-grid guest house with a rustic yet elegant modern exterior, or call it a writer’s den in the most peaceful and serene of atmospheres.  Whatever you want to call it, this little cabin is located on the Oregon Coast and was sumptuously designed by architect Obie G. Bowman.  And you’ll be even more surprised to know it was made completely out locally sourced material.  Dive into our photo gallery and enjoy!


At 325 sq ft, this small off-grid building on the Oregon coast serves as a guest house and a writing studio all wrapped up in a single, small green house. This small, environmentally friendly cabin on the Oregon coast was situated to get amazing views over the Pacific Ocean. Integrated photovoltaic panels with battery storage provide AC power for lighting, convenience outlets, and pumps. Heating is primarily passive as solar radiation is absorbed into the dark concrete floor and counter as well as with a radiant floor powered by an evacuated tube solar hot water collector (with a tank storage). Fresh air enters through low windows and exhausts through the high operable skylight at the center of the ridge line.







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