[FOR SALE] A Michigan House Inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright

Impressive . . . and Much More Affordable!


Remember the Frank Lloyd Wright masterpiece for sale at $995K that we featured the other week?  Well, if you like it but find the asking price way beyond your budget, here a similar home at a much lower price.  It’s not by Frank Lloyd Wright, but it was inspired by FLW, designed according to Wright’s Usonian concept of architecture.


It may not bear the autograph of the great architect, but more importantly, the architect who designed it, undoubtedly a big admirer of Wright, did a top-notch job of capturing the essence of the Usonian design concept.  And the selling price is much more affordable, at only $300K.  It’s located in Sparta, Michigan on a property full of white birch and hardwood trees.  Now take a look at these photos and tell us what you think on our Facebook Page!


Embodying the spirit of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Usonian homes –  typically flat-roofed one-story structures that engage with the landscape–this 1980s woodland house with cantilevered overhangs offers a cozy retreat particularly if wood is your element.  Designed by architect Mitch Witkowski as his own home, the house spreads three bedrooms and two baths across 1,963 square feet.  The interior is characterized by eco-conscious material choices, like wood, tile, stone, glass, bamboo. . .


RESIZED Sparta 01

RESIZED Sparta 20

RESIZED Sparta 02

RESIZED Sparta 03

RESIZED Sparta 08





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