Inspired by a Led Zeppelin Shirt

Inspiration can Come from Anywhere


Artists, Susan and Rufus Williams, designed their Megunticook Lake home with various forms of inspiration to finalize the whole look and feel of the cabin. One of which – believe it or not – was a faded Led Zeppelin shirt that influenced their choice of color for the tiny house. To get the diversity in color and density, they bought brown and bluish-black stains and mixed them in an assortment of proportions, resulting in this classic dark charcoal color. The old house was also dark, but in a bad way, with heavy wood paneling, small windows, and low ceilings. They introduced space and natural light by removing the old staircase, lofts and vestibules and raising the collar ties and ceilings along the interior of the house. They also expanded the home which created a new wing for the bedroom suite and study, a mudroom, pantry, entry porch and an ironwood deck. The interior wood paneling was replaced by reclaimed boards from a 150 year old structure. The weathered grey boards now give character to the living room and the master bedroom. The rooms were painted white to create airiness while little elements of decor give a pop of color to the interiors. Take a look at these photos and tell us what you think on our Facebook Page! 


One more place you can see the artists’ hands at work is in the loft, accessed via an antique wooden ladder in the guest bedroom. Finishing the space “was spearheaded by the fact that both of our kids were going to be home for a week and we only had a bed for one,” says Susan. Inspired by John Singer Sargent’s 1916 watercolor A Tent in the Rockies, which depicts a rudimentary shelter assembled with narrow tree trunks and canvas, Rufus used the same materials to line the walls and gabled ceiling in the loft. “I saw that painting for the first time probably 40 years ago, and the sunlight coming through the canvas, captured in a way only Sargent can, stuck with me,” says Rufus. Perched on the twin bed beneath the room’s small dormer, you can practically feel Sargent’s golden warmth on your face.















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