Did You Know There are Special Loans for Tiny Homes?

All About Financing a Tiny House…


Some people see tiny homes as a form of extricating living, enabling themselves to become free of burdens, such a mortgage.  Yet, in other cases, mortgages just make sense.  For example, if it’s the difference between being able to afford a home versus not being able to afford one, then perhaps it’s prudent to consider a mortgage.  Another reason it may be advantageous to take on a mortgage is if your cash is better invested elsewhere with an interest rate higher than that of the mortgage.  Or if you can rent out the tiny home for an amount larger than the monthly mortgage payment.  In short, financing A Tiny House opens up different financial options, whatever your reason may be.

Here are the FAQs about this special type of loan, directly from the experts at Tiny House Lending

What kind of loans do you offer? What can they be used for?

Our direct lending partners can offer unsecured personal loans (also called signature loans or consumer loans) to qualified applicants. Personal loans allow flexible use; approved borrowers to use loan proceeds to buy a Tiny House, purchase materials or even secure land.

Who can apply?

Loans are available to US residents.

Do I need collateral or a down payment?


Is there a cost to apply? Am I obligated to accept a loan if approved?

There is no cost to apply, and you are not obligated to accept an offer. Some loans may include closing costs (terms vary by lender).

What are the terms?

Loans are available up to $100k, for terms as long as 84 months, and/or as low as 4.04% APR. Any offer will be dependent on applicant’s qualifications including credit score, income level, and ability to repay. Be sure to review each lender’s page carefully for full disclosure (terms vary by lender).

Is the service safe? How can I be sure my personal and financial info is kept secure?

TinyHouseLending.com does not gather financial information or process loan applications. Our direct lending partners utilize privacy and security policies that are consistent with regulatory requirements.

How is Tiny House Lending compensated?

Our lending partners pay us a flat fee or percentage on funded loans. Terms vary by lender. There is never any charge to the consumer.

How can I get more information?

Address general inquiries to [email protected]. Questions about specific loan applications should be directly to individual lending partners.








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