The Little Stone Home that Will Outlast Us All

Tough Lasts Longer


15 minutes away from airport, this tiny stone lodge is located in Croatia’s Rastane Donje. It has a miraculously peaceful surrounding and a compact interior, which makes it the perfect remote getaway. And because the stone material naturally features the principle of thermal mass, the house stays warm in the winter and cool in the summer.


[The] idea was to build house using stone as a main material for construction from many reason. One of the reason it is material used through centuries in south part Croatia – Dalmatia. Stone is material which is very durable , and perfect for insulation during hot summers ,for example if out side temperature is around 35- 40 celsius ,inside temperature is always around 21-25 Celsius, so there is no need for air conditioner.  Stone as material is expensive in a short time period but in a long period cheeper for almost 20%-31% – reason is temperature balance ,no paintings , e.g. To be unique and competitive on a tourism market ,I build house just 26.77 m2 , and it perfect for two persons, but suitable for for persons .






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