The Little Triangular Shed on the Edge of a Cliff

Do You Dare to Live on the Edge?


When you check out these photos, you might ask yourself if you’d even dare to go inside!  It’s a charismatic little cabin, built on an almost impossible location.  Termed the Triangle House, architect Matthias Arndt created this stunning mountain retreat with, you bet, charming views as the cottage captures both directions: down the hill and the upper mountain tops.  This house may looks tiny, but it has the capacity of accommodating a whole family.  So would you dare live on the edge?  Take a look at these photos and then tell us what you think on our Facebook Page! 


German art expert Matthias Arndt designed the Triangle Cliff House as a concept project, giving shape to his imagined vision of a small mountain home atop a misty cliff. The unique structure would be the perfect vacation retreat for anyone who longs to lounge in luxury while gazing out at nature’s beauty. The small home’s steeply pitched roof would make it perfect for snowy mountain climes, but it’s that sprawling cliff side view that really captures the eye—and the heart. The artist went for the gusto with a structure that straddles the cliff’s edge, creating an amazing view from the lower level with floor-to-ceiling windows that gape out over a gorgeous mountain lake nestled in the valley below.  The structure appears to be designed as a two- or three-story dwelling with a rather open floor plan. The lower level contains at minimum a sitting area and a kitchen, with an open staircase cutting through the space and leading to the upper floor.

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