Living Large in a Tiny Home

Terraform 3 Doubles In Size in Fine Weather

When artist/builder Richard Ward from Dallas, Texas came home from a 4-month road trip, something changed from within. The roadtrip required him to live out of his Honda Element, and it was the catalyst to live a simpler lifestyle. A part of this change was downsizing from his 250 square feet “mansion” to a 54 square feet expandable mobile home.

The mobile home is built from an old boat trailer purchased at $175 from Craigslist. It’s expandable to up to twice its size — at 120 square feet! Richard prefers to spend more time outdoors, so mobile home was built with extendable “rooms” that will allow him to cook outside and even hang out at the roof deck.

Terraform 3 also reuses salvaged materials, from the wine-cork countertop to the floor covered with pages taken from a vintage 1940s book of drawings. These unique elements are something that wouldn’t always be possible in conventionally built homes, says Ward:

Especially with being able to design your own house, I like the ‘weirdness’ you can put into it and making stuff [where] I’m not worried about resale value. I’m doing stuff that makes me happy and so, there’s no rule book. And that what I love about designing tiny houses. You do whatever you want.

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