A Log Home Labor of Love

Two And a Half Years to Their Log Home Paradise…


Mike and Chelsea Palubiak bought this 7,000 square foot Ohio log home in 2011, which at the time was only just a decade or so old.  Unfortunately though, it had been neglected and empty for several years, and so the couple had to put in a tremendous labor of love to bring it back to life. The total restoration took about two and a half years, including cleaning all the logs and restaining them, and even replacing some of the posts on the front porch.


Its overall dilapidated look made it available at a bargain price. Much work needed doing. “It was a challenge, to say the least,” Mike recalls. “From the very second we purchased it, we realized just how much work was ahead of us, but we viewed it as a labor of love. We have always dreamed of owning a log cabin.”


They concerned themselves primarily with cosmetics, organization and design aspects.


For the log work and heavy construction, they found help online: Lawton Brock of Brandywine Con-struction & Restoration (330-204-5092, brandywinellc.com).


The couple lives about 90 minutes away and visits at least once a month. “It has been a long journey, but one that we have truly enjoyed every second of,” Mike says. “Every now and then, we look around and cannot believe that we are blessed to own such a place. It reminds us of what is important, and since the purchase, we have enjoyed many milestones and celebrations within those walls.”



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