A Mediterranean Dream With a Design Cooler Than the Weather

A House That Leaves You in Awe With its Unique Design

What do you imagine when you think of the Mediterranean region? It’s probably the amazing beaches, the beautiful scenery and architecture, and outstanding food of course. But this house is just not something you’d imagine. It’s unique, yet, it beautifully fits into the area, and makes it all work amazingly well.

It’s located on the south of Aragon region, Spain. Like all great vacation houses, it offers a variety of things to do nearby. And if you don’t feel like leaving this amazing house, you can just enjoy the view while relaxing by the pool.

You’ll find this amazing house in the midst of 8 acres of Mediterranean pine forest, where two rivers meet. So dive in, one river you’ll find refreshingly cool, perfect for a high summer dip, whilst the other river is warm enough for young children to play in the shallows. Up and down the riverbanks you’ll find fig trees, dragonflies and frogs, and you may even have the pleasure of spotting a pair of otters. 

It would be unfair if we didn’t mention the amazing interior too. It consists of three bedrooms and three bathrooms, which makes it pretty spacious. All this space still feels very open, due to the dome structure and the face of house which is all windows. Luckily, there’s still lots of shade, and a pool for when you want to really cool down.

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