Meet the Phoenix House, Rising From the Ashes

This Minimalist Home Sits on a Lava Field But it Couldn’t Get Any Cooler

So far we’ve seen some breathtaking locations, most of them in nature, by rivers, and even oceans. But we’ve never seen anything like this. A house that sits near the base of an active volcano! To make it all even better, you can see lava colliding with the sea from the house.

This amazing house has a rustic burnt look on the outside that fits right in with its’ surroundings, making the whole look complete. The interior is just as good with modern decor and a spacious feel. There are lots of windows for checking out that awesome view at any time. And to top it all off, you can stay in this house in Big Island, Hawaii, for just $135 per night.

Split into three tiered sections, the home reaches two storeys at its highest point – where a double bed can be accessed from a ladder. Large windows provide views across the desolate expanse, while patio doors open from the ground-floor living space onto a small balcony.

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