Minimalist Conversion of Old Barn Fetches Jaw-dropping Outcome

Workbylizandalex Demonstrates How Less Can be So Much More


The approach to this awe-inspiring barn conversion is incredibly minimal but the results are simply stunning. Much of the existing building fabric are retained while new elements are thoughtfully introduced to improve its spatial quality and living standards.

In a few concise and simple steps, Workbylizandalex transformed the old ban into a stunning contemporary home. First, they divided the interior into two main functional spaces – the dining, and the living space with the insertion of 2 new wall partitions. Then they added new punctuation on the envelop to bring in more daylight and replaced the glazing for extra weather protection. Finally, the services and amenities are upgraded to provide comforts of a modern home.

“Working within the original envelope, they have used volume, outlook and a clear material strategy to define spaces and encourage variety and play. All new work has been made to read differently from the existing fabric and in this way the important qualities of the building’s past have been retained.”

The new insertions subtly highlighted against the rich backdrop of original rustic stones, timber and textured plaster-work brilliantly synthesizes the old and the new, while allowing each to exude its unique charm. The result is a remarkable harmony of modern elegance and old-world charm.

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the-barn (10)

the-barn (11)

the-barn (12)

the-barn (2)

the-barn (3)







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