Modern Plus Traditional in the Countryside

A Bold Idea Built to Real Life

Amazing, amazing and amazing! This house leaves me with such basic comments, yet there’s so much to say about it. The materials, the design and the whole idea are just a step ahead in the world of architecture. A barn-like form with exceptionally ideal countryside views!

The whole building was put together in a flawless way, leaving nothing to chance. Therefore, its isolation is amazing, there’s plenty of natural light, and all of the wood is kept in warm tones to contrast the white walls. The house and the yard are a mix of modern and countryside traditional, but the interior is completely kept up to date. And last, but not least, the location of this extraordinary cabin is West Woodburn, United Kingdom.

Local materials have been used throughout the project. The larch cladding was specifically sourced from the Borders and trees felled from the site itself and have been used throughout the house in the bespoke built-in-furniture, kitchen, tables and stairs.  The stone to the gable end of the house and garage was sourced from Northumberland.  

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