A New Line of Affordable Net-Zero Energy Homes

Is It Too Good To Be True?


We recently learned about a North Carolina based company that’s decided to ramp up a new line of net-zero energy houses called the “Renew Collection” and we couldn’t resist sharing!  Deltec Homes is an award-winning prefabricated home builder, typically specializing in traditional and modern homes that are both sustainable and energy efficient.  The innovative designs and attention to engineering have made the living structures very strong against storms and natural calamity too!  What do you think?  Check out this photo gallery and let us know what you think on our Facebook page!  Oh and be sure to watch the video on Page 4 !


A company in Asheville, North Carolina is taking prefabricated home design to a new level with their Renew Collection of affordable net-zero energy houses. While Deltec made a name for themselves with round hurricane-resistant homes, now the company has amped up the energy efficiency by two thirds with their latest home collection, in response to the increasing demand for net-zero energy housing. Deltec Homes was founded in 1968 in Asheville, North Carolina as a builder of hurricane-resistant homes – primarily for resort communities. Factory-precise prefabrication with tightly engineered beams and joints also make Deltec’s round homes sturdy and more high-performance than a traditional stick-built home. With very low energy needs, the Renew Homes can be completely powered through a photovoltaic solar array, thus achieving Net Zero energy. Deltec Homes can ship a shell of one of their prefab houses anywhere in the world, leaving a lot of room for creativity once it reaches its final destination. Some homeowners may choose to complete the buildout themselves or hire a local builder to do it for them. With the new efficiency standards in place – achieved with passive solar design, an air-tight envelope, and double the required insulation – Deltec Homes are said to require two thirds less energy than a comparable conventional stick-built house. The company has also just achieved B Corp certification, an honor given to select organizations who have met the highest level of verified social and environmental performance, and to those using their influence for social and environmental good.











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