One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure

What Once Was Called Waste is Now Called Home


Spice Box Homes took the initiative of recycling wood and using it to creating some truly amazing homes in Colorado.  They find beauty in using reclaimed materials and transforming them into little lodges that are the coolest accommodations you could imagine finding in the most remote of areas. These cabins come with wheels and their old vintage look makes them exclusively unique.  Take a look at these photos and then tell us what you think on our Facebook Page!


Our vision started in 2010 in SW Colorado.​ We were driven to create a living space that worked for our needs. We created our first tiny home simply because it was functional, easy to move, and convenient. We knew plenty of other people in the same situation: in need to affordable, energy-efficient housing that fit their needs.  By using reclaimed materials, passive solar-heating, and efficient appliances, our homes are built to coexist with the environment. We loved finding materials that were unique: wood that nobody wanted, but that contained incredible colors when polished properly.

Mountain Mansard

This Mountain Mansard was setup in this location in 1 hour, this includes leveling and assembly of the sleeping quarters.  The interior is to see finishes over the winter including exposed timbers, wood flooring, reclaimed kitchen, rocket mass heater and more. 

"Even building quickly we can still take time to include some details like the corbrel on this lttle greenhouse" says builder Chris Curry of Spicebox Homes.

Simple living in tiny spaces can be elevated by small features like this window to ensure those seedlings make it to the garden this spring. 

One of the features of the Mountain Mansard is the removable panelized addition. This space serves as a sleeping area or storage space.  When living in 105sq/ft the additional 40sq/ft can create a world of difference.

Timber frame from local sawmills to add stability and warmth throughout the home. 







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