An Ovoid Structure Good for One

Organic in Both Shape and Materials


When Plato stated in his book, The Republic, that “necessity is the Mother of invention,” it can also be said that creativity comes about in our effort to satisfy our needs.  It’s one of the ingredients to successfully solve a problem.  Likewise, the process of inventing almost always requires a modicum of creativity.  Along that line of thinking did the Egg House come into being.  It’s the brainchild of one young Chinese architect to cope with the problem of finding an affordable place to live in the big city.  A good example of a small, simple structure that provides just enough livable space, it may not be a house that will suit a small family or even an individual whose lifestyle calls for a bigger home, but nevertheless it’s an option and a ticklish possibililty for those who live alone or require a basic temporary abode.  So take a look at these photos and tell us what you think on our Facebook Page!


The “Egg House” is about two meters high, three meters long and two meters wide (Height:  6.5 feet; Length:  10 feet; Width:  6.5 feet).  The hut was woven with bamboo and pegged with nails.  Outside bamboo, there are mats, insulation film and waterproof film.  The outermost is the insulation layer made up of sacks stuffed with sawdust and grass seed,  In the spring, grass can grow from within.


The egg-shaped cabin is not well-furnished.  One bed about one meter wide (twin-size), a few books on the bedside.  A water tank is hidden at the end of the bed.  The pressure system can pump up water for washing.  “One tank can be used for about three days.  After the water runs out, I fill the tank with water from my company,” Dai Haife said.  As the “shell” is just about a hand’s span thick, the inside is not much warmer than the outside.  On top of the hut is a solar panel.  The storage cell of the panel provides electric power at night.  When the door is closed, the thermometer reads 4ºC (40ºF).


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