The Owl House – An Owner’s Canvas For Artistry

And Award-Winning to Boot!


It’s always interesting to look at photos of houses and interiors created by artists, such as this one.  Even more exciting is the possibility of spending a few days’ vacation in such a house, as is the case with this one, available to rent through AirBnb for around $129 per night.  This adorable home located in Hightown, United Kingdom, has got not just one, but three structures all on one property, and even with a view towards the ocean.  The main house is filled with her own personal art works such as beautiful driftwood pieces – most probably ‘found objects’ near the beach –  transformed into useful objects for the house.  The two other structures – both eco-houses as well – are a studio and a shed that resembles the likeness of an owl, with two circular windows and a convex roof with grass and plants on top.  It’s a brillliant idea of a house layout where, instead of just one big structure, it is spread out into three smaller ones that serve quite different functions and provide both indoor and outdoor fun and activities.  Now take a look at these photos and tell us what you think on our Facebook Page!


The Guest Room in my bungalow it has a garden view & you sleep in a driftwood bed.  It is adjacent to a private shower & WC with easy access to the kitchen, lounge, & then there’s the Owl House winner of George Clarke’s Shed of the Year 2015.

In the garden you will discover two Eco houses, The Owl House you can use to relax in.  [The second one] the Slipper House is nestled in the middle of the garden.  Unique areas, both beautifully made by hand, using recycled materials, with view over the sand dunes and out toward the sea.


The Owl House

RESIZED Owl House 08

RESIZED Owl House 03

RESIZED Owl House 05

RESIZED Owl House 09

RESIZED Owl House 21

RESIZED Owl House 30


The Slipper House

The Slipper House

RESIZED Owl House 16







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