[VIDEO] Pack Your Home Away Like Your Luggage

EBS Block is the Newest Form of Tiny Living


EBS Block is a little container module that transforms into an extraordinary home. When expanded, it makes a remarkable living space that can be contracted again and expanded when needed. The cost of the portable, expandable tiny home starts from approximately $55,000 USD depending the model, each of which was designed for your exact taste and versatility.  They are proudly manufactured in Sydney, Australia and can be delivered anywhere, all around the world.  Take a look at these mesmerizing photos and give us your feedback on our facebook page.


EBS Block is a uniquely designed modular, prefabricated, fully functional portable house created from a 20ft shipping container. Dimensionally, traditional individual container homes can create awkward living/working spaces. Taking into account added insulation, you have a long narrow box with less than eight foot ceiling. To make an adequate sized space, multiple boxes need to be combined. This is not the case with EBS Block as our unique innovative design opens up to be 6 metres long X 8 metres wide X 3.5 metres high and provides a total live-able area of 54m2 which encompasses the pull out bathroom/kitchen on each side of the house. Due to the nature of EBS Block, it is easily transported globally by sea or land which can eliminate a lot of the hassles with moving to a new location. With EBS Block the possibilities are limitless. Homes, office, cafe, school, dormitory, studio, emergency shelter , each EBS Block unit is built to your specification and requirements. The building materials and interior decor can be altered according to your requirements. We can finish it with floor to ceiling glass, timber panels, metal cladding or any combination you like. EBS Block is perfect for use in a large range of industries including mining, tourism, defense, public housing, health, education and the commercial sector. A popular option is to have EBS modified to be used as a kiosk, cafe or restaurant.










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