Pastoral Cottage in Scenic New Zealand

It’s Set Amidst Breathtaking Views!


When you want to experience nature at its best, some would argue there’s no better place to go but New Zealand.  That explains the surging popularity of New Zealand “staycations”.  And what would give you a more immersive and richer experience than staying in the home of a local, rather than booking a hotel room.  Take for instance the romantic Shepherd’s Cottage, located in the breathtaking surroundings of Anandale Farm, Christchurch.  It is set against a picturesque and pastoral landscape of farmland and sheeps and is even considered a historic structure.  Now take a look at these photos to see what we mean and tell us what you think on our Facebook Page!


The Shepherd’s Cottage has been carefully restored and updated with modern conveniences, integrated in a way that respects the character of the historic farmhouse.  There is a full kitchen and a bathroom with shower, or you can soak in the outdoor bathtub while enjoying the fresh air and views.  The bathroom and kitchen are located in a shed-roofed extension at the back of the cottage while the living and dining areas occupy the main part of the ground floor, anchored by a large brick fireplace at one end.


RESIZED 2nd Shepherd's Cottange 03

RESIZED 2nd Shepherd's Cottange 02

RESIZED 2nd Shepherd's Cottange 07

RESIZED 2nd Shepherd's Cottange 10

RESIZED 2nd Shepherd's Cottange 05

RESIZED 2nd Shepherd's Cottange 06

RESIZED 2nd Shepherd's Cottange 01

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