A Petite Cabin with a Lovely Purpose

I Bet You’ve Never Heard of Someone Building a House for This Reason Before…


If you’ve ever dreamed of living in cabin paradise, then I’m betting you’ve seen this little cabin before (with your eyes closed).  Better known as “Sunset Cabin,” it was designed by Taylor Smith Architects on Lake Simcoe in southern Ontario, and it’s used to provide extra sleeping space (in addition to the primary house), and of course as the perfect spot to watch the sunset.  Total size is around 275 sq. ft.  Check out the photos, and be sure to watch the video on page 2!


The clients desired a private retreat from the main cottage further up the hill that would also enhance their enjoyment of the surrounding landscape in a location previously used to watch the sunset. The fully insulated glass cabin is encased on three sides by cedar slats. A green roof is planted with sedums and herbs to camouflage views of the cabin from the main cottage.

The minimal furnishing includes a bed with built-in drawers, a wall of storage cabinets and a wood-burning stove. All interior surfaces, including floor and ceiling, are fabricated of birch veneer plywood. To simplify the complications of working at a remote, sloping site, the project was prefabricated in a parking lot in Toronto over a period of four weeks. Components were numbered, disassembled and reconstructed on site in just ten days.

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Creed's Sleeping Cabin








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