QUIZ: Do You Have What it Takes to be a Pioneer?

Find Out If Your Pioneer Skills are Up to Par


We often say that cabin living is not always a walk in the park. There are always challenges to overcome regardless of the season. When you live in a cabin, you need to have some skills – skills that one can compare to what the pioneers possessed when they started exploring the land. How many of these skills do you possess and how good are you in them? Take this pioneer skills test to find out!


The instructions are simple: for every skill you think you possess, give yourself 10%. The more skills you have, the more ‘pioneer spirit’ you possess. Let’s get started!


1:  Cooking Over a Fire – No, a stove doesn’t count and neither does a grill for that matter. The earliest settlers made do with meals cooked over a properly stoked campfire, and they survived.


2:  Making a Fire – More challenging than you might think. Try making one without the use of matches or lighters or fuel to make it ignite faster to make it more thrilling.


3:  Growing a Food Garden – Do you know your soil conditions? The types of vegetables, fruits, herbs, and what-nots that can be grown at certain times of the year? How about keeping them alive? Watering conditions and how often do you need to?


4:  Saving Seed – Since you need to keep your garden going, how do you prepare for next season’s crops? Do you know which seeds need more time to mature before being planted? How do you keep them viable so you can plant healthy crops and get your garden to yield more?


5:  Building Skills – If you have some DIY skills handy this one should at least earn you 10%. Although you need to actually be able to build a home and maintain it. A house, a barn, fences, furniture all need maintenance. Are your skills up to this challenge?





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