QUIZ: Do You Have What it Takes to be a Pioneer?

Find Out If Your Pioneer Skills are Up to Par



6:  Herbal Remedies and Concoctions – It goes without saying that there weren’t as many doctors back in the day, and if there were, they probably located miles and miles from various dwellings. Do you know which plants and herbs can cure common illnesses and diseases? From simple colds and bruises to muscle cramps and others – all these can be cured with the right combination of herbs. Do you know which ones to use?


7:  Sewing – By hand, of course. There were no sewing machines to use back then, and everything was done by hand. Mending torn shirts, making dresses, patching frayed clothes – how good are you?


8:  Blacksmithing – Metal work. How proficient are you in making your own pots and pans? Repairing a broken horseshoe, making gardening tools, utensils – anything that has to do with metals.


9:  Riding a Horse – Now this may seem easy enough, but horse riding poses a certain level of difficulty. You need to learn how to ride a horse, otherwise you’ll end up walking many miles (which, during the time of the pioneers, meant days) to visit your nearest neighbor or get some help in case of an emergency in your homestead.


10:  Shooting and Handling a Gun – Not only were guns used to protect one’s own back in those days. They were also used to hunt for game. Game meaning food – meat to feed one’s family. Do you know how to hunt, clean your gun, keep it in good working condition, and when exactly to use it?


How well did you do? Do you possess the pioneer spirit?


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