A Really TINY Tiny House

Lots of Storage and Comfortable Stairs


“The Ampersand House,” designed and built by Zyl Vardos, who hails from Olympia, Washington, could very well be one of the smallest of tiny homes on the market today.  And it’s a cabin on wheels to boot!  Its narrow and compact footprint might make it seem difficult to occupy, but despite its compact size, it has managed to fit in even more comfortable stairs with plenty of width and a safer pitch, less steeper than most you’ll find in other tiny homes.  And to compensate for the limited space, the design creatively makes use of almost every available square inch, such as the area occupied by the toe kick (the space between the bottom of the cabinet and the floor).  That often overlooked space is, in this case, fitted out with drawers to hold not so often used objects.  And it’s also a good hiding place for important objects that need safekeeping too.  Take a look at these photos and tell us what you think on our Facebook Page!


RESIZED ampersand-house-zyl-vardos-1

RESIZED ampersand-house-zyl-vardos-4

RESIZED ampersand-house-zyl-vardos-2

RESIZED ampersand-house-zyl-vardos-9

RESIZED ampersand-house-zyl-vardos-6

RESIZED ampersand-house-zyl-vardos-7

RESIZED ampersand-house-zyl-vardos-8



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