Remote Lodge in Norway Serves as Perfect ‘Hideout’

The Very Definition of a Clever Hideaway


Clad in local stone, wood, and moss, the Bjellandsbu cabin near Åkrafjordan in Norway is almost impossible to distinguish from its surroundings. And for good reason. The creative minds behind this architectural wonder wanted to preserve the untouched environment on which it is nestled, they decided to make it as ‘concealed’ as possible.


…the small lodge features local stone cladding and a grass roof that allows it to blend in against the backdrop of the mountains…



…Two curved steel beams provide the overall form, with timber rafters and studs filling in the roof and walls…

remote 3


…According to the architects, they can squeeze in up to 21 people – all of the seating areas based around the central fireplace play double duty and can be used as beds…




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