Restored Cabin With Stylish Rooms Inside

It’s Rustic Meets Classic Elegance


Take a scenic lake that provides an eye-catching view to the houses constructed around it.  If you are one of the owners or buyers of one of the old log cabins there, you would certainly have it repaired and restored to its former glory.  That’s because a log cabin and a natural body of water – like a lake – together, are just the right combination to create a restful abode and an inspiring view.   Like this beautifully restored log cabin sitting along the periphery of Haller Lake, in Seattle, Washington.  Its exterior goes well with the lake setting and its updated interior evokes a cabin ambiance, created with the artful combination of rough log timber and finished wood to achieve a play of textures and shades of color.  The stone fireplace, the soft velvety materials of the upholstered seats and sofas, the glass top table, and other glittery details in the exterior work hand in hand to bring about an air of understated elegance, both modern and classic.  Now take a look at these photos and tell us what you think on our Facebook Page!


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RESIZED Haller Lake 18

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