Restored Home Infuses Old World Style with a Contemporary Touch

Bringing the Good Life Back from the Past


Looking at the house featured here today, the Beaucatcher Barn Home in Asheville, North Carolina, you would hardly notice any trace of it having been constructed way back in 1870 in Little Falls, New York – and that’s a long, long time ago.  That’s exactly the “magic” and transformation that happens when a house with so much history and character undergoes restoration in the hands and expertise of The Heritage Restorations company.  By carefully sourcing salvaged building materials such as wood siding, decking and flooring to be used in the restoration process, the outcome is this house, the Beaucatcher Barn Home.  It captures the essence of the style and ambience of the old and brings it up-to-date, infused with modern-day building technology and luxury amenities. It now is a fully-functional home that will provide comfort, shelter and new memories for the proud homeowners.  So take a look at the photos and tell us what you think on our Facebook Page!


Reclaimed barnwood siding can be an exciting way to finish out a project as it instantly adds character and uniqueness to whatever space you choose to use it.


RESIZED Beaucatcher-Barn-Home 13

RESIZED Beaucatcher-Barn-Home 05

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RESIZED Beaucatcher-Barn-Home 01

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