[FOR SALE] Architect-Designed Hillside House with Skylight Entrance

By the Renowned Late Architect John Lee


This good-looking contemporary style house, located in New Canaan, Connecticut, designed by the distinguished architect John Black Lee, who passed away this year, was built in 1990 and still retains its awesome charm and ‘wow’ factor – thanks to the ingenious way it blends with the hillside setting.  The topmost part of the house, where the skylight is built, is perched at a higher elevation of the hill, making it a convenient level as entrance to the house.  The view at this location and level makes the house look as if it’s a single-level structure, but the rest and bigger portion of the whole house sits hidden on the lower portion of the hillside.  Quite a clever way to have a pleasantly surprising and dramatic entrance and introduction to the rest of the house.  Once inside, the quietly elegant and sleek modern interiors will thrill you, together with the views of the forested surroundings and river.  This house is being sold for $750M.  Take a look at the photos and tell us what you think on our Facebook Page!


Iconic modern home of the late John Black Lee, renowned mid-century architect & sometimes referred to as “the Sixth of the Harvard Five.”  Built into the hill on the banks of the Silvermore River and constructed entirely in concrete, it has an open floor plan opening onto a cantilevered terrace to enjoy the sights & sounds of the river.

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