[FOR SALE] Small Home Perfect for Simple Living

Embrace More of Life . . .


There are many things in life to see, enjoy and experience.  And that’s exactly one of the things the small house movement wants people to realize.  By maintaining a house that’s just enough for us to live a decent and fulfilling life, we  free ourselves from unnecessary encumbrances that prevent us from experiencing the world around us, discovering new places, creating new acquaintances, making new friends and much more!


If you are on the lookout for an affordable, small house, this one is worth your consideration.  It’s for sale at $120,000 and it’s located in Kirby, Vermont.  Its awesome location and scenic surroundings will give you a daily dose of visual treats and nature-tripping guaranteed to make you feel good about life.  So take a look at these photos and tell us what you think on our Facebook Page!


This finely crafted cottage perched on a grassy knoll takes in incredible views of the surrounding landscape. . .  The owner took great care to create this splendid cottage.  Because it’s a small cottage the owner sourced some of the finest materials to build this home, from mahogany windows to other green materials.  The . . . cottage offers a sitting area and small galley kitchen.  In addition to the sleeping loft a small mechanical room allows for some additional storage.


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