She Left the City Life Behind In Search for This

Sweet Home By A Sweet Chick


Mia is a young and ambitious girl who left city life, thereby sacrificing things like ease of shopping and fancy outings with her friends in exchange for a slower pace that can only be found in a country cabin.  In the back woods of North Carolina, she figured out how to turn her little cabin into “home sweet home.”  Check out what she did!


When you enter the main living space, you are greeted by a compass medallion painted on the floor, a mark left by the previous owners—a horticulturist and a woodworker who liked to travel and sail around the world. It’s now a symbol of Mia’s Neverland, or “Sweet Dreams Cabin” as she calls it. A sunroom has features that you might find on a houseboat—hinged storage under the stairs and marine-style windows, making you feel like you are on the water. Only you’re high up in the treetops surrounded by deer and nature.  The charming vintage camper at the foot of the hill is Mia’s most recent splurge and obsession. Inspired by the original appliances, she decorated the inside to match, and you may find her there playing cards with Elise or enjoying a glass of wine with David.

Favorite Element: I love all the windows. I feel like I’m living in a tree house. Now ask me what my least favorite element is and that would cleaning all the windows!

Biggest Challenge: Not painting anything. It seems wrong to paint the beautiful wood.

What Friends Say: They can’t believe I moved from such an urban setting where I could walk out of my front door to restaurants, shopping, and live music, to the country! Ha! I love both!

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