[FOR SALE] Small on the Outside, Big on the Inside

. . . A Spacious Interior Hides Behind a Narrow Facade


A narrow lot means a short frontage, and therefore not much of a facade on which to apply your creative vision.  But as this cute, personable house – just south of Golden Gate Park in San Fran – will show us, its simple straightforward material and color choices make its front no less disarming.  And despite being sandwiched between two taller dwellings, it holds its own just beautifully.  Once inside the house, recently listed for $649,000, you will be charmed by the casual yet subtly elegant living spaces.  This house, which is actually a condo,  sits on a property with the rear oriented towards a beach front.  So it makes a lot of sense to have the front yard as small as possible to leave more space to the interior and the back yard to create a private and roomy deck for outdoor activities.  To see what we mean, take a look at these photos and tell us what you think on our Facebook Page!


It’s rare to find a beach bungalow north of Santa Cruz.  It’s specially rare to find one in San Francisco.  But this adorable little gem at 4429 Kirkham in the Outer Sunset is just that.  And listed at a dainty 557 square feet, this makes it the smallest detached house on the market today.


The renovated 1906 construction comes with  one bed, one bath, a dining room, and patio in front and back.


01 RESIZED Kirkham 01

02 RESIZED Kirkham 05

03 RESIZED Kirkham 06

04 RESIZED Kirkham 07

05 RESIZED Kirkham 08

06 RESIZED Kirkham 15 620

KIRKHAM resized 14

07 RESIZED Kirkham 16

08 RESIZED Kirkham 20






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