A Solitary Hut Along the Beach

. . . From Sunrise to Sunset, a Fantastic Ocean View


When you think about what a perfect vacation house would be, many will agree that a home along the  beach would be most thrilling.  To witness one of the wonders of nature unfold before you – the sun dramatically rising and setting on the horizon, with an expansive view of the ocean and the shifting hues of orange and blue in the sky – will simply relax you like nothing else.  This particular beach house that we’re sharing with you today in Widemouth Bay, in Cornwall, UK, is the epitome of such an ideal coastal hideaway.  It’s got a fantastic location with an equally magnificent ocean view with a structure that perfectly fits the scene.  Find out more about it by looking through these photos and tell us what you think on our Facebook Page!


Rediscover the simple life at this secluded self-catering iconic Cornish beach hut in Millook.  First built in the 1920s for use as a genteel tearoom, The Beach Hut is the ultimate coastal hideaway.  This unique beach shack in North Cornwall occupies an enviable nook on the edge of a stunning coastal 52 acre estate, making it an idyllic location to inspire writers, artists and lovers alike.


Combining stripped floors with white-washed walls and duck-egg blue clapperboard exteriors to bring about a special rustic charm, The Beach Hut brings whole new meaning to the term seaside chic.  This unique property is a popular choice for film and photo shoots, with guests such as Titanic star Kate Winslet enjoying time spent at The Beach Hut on her Cornish holidays.  When the sun melts into the dramatic ocean, the awe-inspiring landscape provides the backdrop for the real stars, as millions of them pinprick the velvety blanket of dark night sky.


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