Space Saving Ideas in the Kitchen for Compact Cabins

When Every Inch of Space Matters


Living in a cabin is not always that dream-like and picturesque. There are challenges that you need to overcome, with space perhaps being one of them (unless of course you have one of those luxurious cabins we’ve previously featured). Those who live in small cabins can attest to the beauty of living in a compact abode, but sometimes you really just need more space to function especially in the kitchen.


To solve this problem, here are several ideas you can take inspiration from



A kitchen setup that’s flush to the wall gives the illusion of having more space than there actually is



Using vertical space for storage allows you to free up precious counter space



Clever idea: Slots placed behind the stove serve as great knife holders instead of the old chunky countertop type



Custom partitions for various cookware and kitchen utensils in the cupboard keep things organized


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