A Unique Experience In The World Of Nature Getaways

About 30 kilometers north of Qualicum Beach in Vancouver Island, Canada you can find these one-of-a-kind spherical treehouses. Each sphere was personally handcrafted by Tom Chudleigh, the man behind this unique concept of Free Spirits Spheres. There are three spheres available for guests to stay the night in, each with its own size and number of guests it can accommodate. Each sphere also has electricity and its own set of facilities.

The first sphere is named Eve which is 9 feet in diameter and is made from yellow cedar wood. She is the prototype of the three orbs but that doesn’t make her any less special. Eve can accommodate up to two people making it a nice cozy little shelter for those looking for a nice relaxing stay in the rainforest. If you’re planning on staying the night in this sphere, the rate is about USD $134 per night.

Eryn is the second sphere of the bunch; she is 10.5 feet in diameter and is made from Sitka Spruce wood. Being larger than Eve, Eryn can comfortably accommodate two and possibly even three people. Her placement in the forest allows for some peace and quiet making her a quaint little orb for those who really wish to immerse themselves in the environment. This sphere’s nightly rate is US $229 per night.

Finally, we have Melody. She is about the same size as Eve but this time is made of fiberglass. Her bright yellow color and the beautiful mural designed on her exterior makes her stand out from her sisters. Her facilities can cater to those who are planning on longer stays, and even those who wish to practice their own creative and artistic activities in the cozy privacy of the forest. The rate for this eye-catching sphere is USD $240 per night.

The unique spherical design of these little shelters will really get your mind away from the usual home setting, making it ideal for those looking to get away from it all and get some much-needed relaxation for both the body and mind. Come on over and truly free your spirit.

They may be small, but the level of comfort and peace of mind you will experience is something else.

Our mission is to provide a venue for people to enjoy exceptional experiences while dwelling in a natural forest environment

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