Starlight Room: The Ultimate Dolomites Experience

Totally Enthrallment in the Beauty of the Dolomites


Imagine yourself transported right in the middle of a wondrous place with enchanting views of majestic mountains all around you.  And you’re inside a tiny, glass-walled house specifically designed to let you enjoy a 360-degree panoramic, first hand view of the location, the Dolomites Mountain Range in Italy, a declared UNESCO World Heritage site!  So, it could very well be one of those faraway destinations and must-see places on your bucket list.  And it can become a reality by checking into the Starlight Room of the Rifugio Col Galina Resort, located in the Cortina d’Ampezzo resort in the Dolomites.  The Starlight Room is actually a stand-alone cubicle, or bedroom, for one or two persons with viewing glass on three sides.  It’s mobile, fitted out with a pair of skis to deal with the snowy, mountainous terrain of the location.  Due to the size, it’s minimally furnished with an adjustable bed, a storage-cum-bench, a flat-screen TV, an adjustable thermostat and an outdoor bathroom – just like a tiny bedroom.  The idea is to have a guest enjoy to the fullest – with the least distractions – the spectacular and heart-stirring views of the Dolomites as they change color and mood throughout the day — from sunrise to sunset, up to the magical night time scene of the place.  Take a look at the photos and tell us what you think on our Facebook Page!


[The] owner of the popular mountain lodge Rifugio Col Galina, recently installed the Starlighth Room, a secluded and mobile bedroom located at an altitude of 2,055 meters on the snowy Dolomite mountains.  Set on a pair of skis for easy mobility, the glazed Starlight Room boasts spectacular views and can only be reached by snowshoe or snowmobile.

Located just a few kilometers from the popular alpine town of Cortina in northern Italy, the Starlight Room was towed into place by a snowmobile and is set along the Falzarego ridge in one of the Alp’s most scenic spots facing the Tofane, the Cortina basin, and Lagazuoi Mountain.


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