A Stately Country House that Says . . . La Dolce Vita!

“The Sweet Life”. . . Living it Up in an Italian Cottage


There’s just something about the Mediterranean landscape and climate that work together to inspire a hard to describe feeling and wonderment.  Like with this country house in Tavoletto, Italy –  it recalls images of old world grandeur and laid-back elegance.  The choice of furnishings, color, materials and decor speak not of opulence that borders on gaudiness and extravagance – it’s more of old-fashioned good taste and an eye for things natural, simple yet beautiful.  Strolling around this large property and exploring the rooms, corridors and nooks inside the house is a wonderful experience – with all the senses fully engaged.  The rooms are not only places you may want to linger in longer, but they’re so picturesque, you feel a sense of timelessness, as if captured in a photograph.  Speaking of which, take a close look at the photos below and tell us what you think on our Facebook Page!


The cottage is located in the countryside, surrounded by fields and hills that change color with the seasons of the year, immersed in silence and stillness, halfway between Urbino and Rimini, ideal for a stopover between culture and fun.


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