[VIDEO] Stunning and Sustainable PreFab Sheds

Unique Beauties of Remote Island


Easter Island (waaaaay of the coast of Chile), is often called the ‘bellybutton of the world,’ and it’s home to some tremendously unique eco cabins. Morerava Cottages, as they’re termed, are these gorgeous modern wooden sheds that have a solid aspect of sustainability yet are also equipped with luxuries such as flat screen TVs, hammocks, and hot tubs. There are four of these prefab cottages that stand all together in a row.  Take a look at these photos and then tell us what you think on our Facebook Page!  Also be sure to check out the VIDEO on page 4…. Enjoy!


When we started to design the cabins we realized a very bespoke design would be required in order to correspond to the unique and delicate context of the island. The construction process, material resourcing and daily usage of the cabins had to have minimal impact on the very fragile environment of Easter Island. 


Since the temperature on Easter Island is always close to the comfort zone (subtropical climate), it was not necessary to add thermal insulation, allowing what traditionally would leave the interior structure of the panels visible. 


This results in savings in material and workmanship and, as the timber structure is visible, creates an interesting design.


A space between ceiling panels and zinc cover thermally insulates the roof structure, allowing the natural air ventilation to remove any built-up heat. We implemented continuous windows on either side of the huts in order to allow for sufficient interior luminance and cross ventilation avoiding the need of any mechanical systems.


The location of all windows prevent visual connections from cabin to cabin allowing for the necessary privacy amongst all visitors. All Cabins have a rainwater collection system, which stores and treats the water for the re-usage in the cabins.






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