The Surprising Way to Sleep Under the Stars

Truly the Perfect View…


In the small town of Cortina, Italy, there’s a very interesting rental guesthouse known as the Starlight Room. It’s simple in appearance, for it’s but a mere tiny cabin placed on top of skis, yet it’s a magnificent creation in concept.  Designed by Raniero Campigotto, this little wonder shelter is most certainly a huge tourist attraction for vacationers and anyone looking for a one-of-a-kind experience.  The transparent walls and ceiling of the little haven allows its guests to sleep under the wonderful view of the stars while being protected from the climate, and after finally falling asleep, they’ll eventually wake up to the majestic sunrise and sight of the mountains. Inside the cozy abode is a double-sized adjustable bed, a portable television just in case boredom ensues (which is highly unlikely), and a heater.  To reach the Starlight Room, tourists can either choose to ride a snowmobile or hike using snowshoes. If you want to add this place to your bucket list, you better start saving as it costs 300 Euro (333 US dollars) a night for two people. Check out the photos below and leave a comment or two on our Facebook page!


In the northeastern Italy, at an altitude of 6742 feet (or 2,055 meters), lies a single cabin on skis that you can stay the night in. The Starlight Room has a front row view of the Dolomite mountain range. Located near Cortina, Italy, the Starlight Room offers guests a chance to sleep in the mountains in a room that has glass surrounding the bed. Once inside, guests can watch a movie, listen to music from their smartphones, adjust the temperature to the desired level, and even modify the angle of the bed to best admire the view. Additionally, a menu of local cuisine is served alongside a specially selected wine and dessert. 










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