A Tale of Two Homes: Cabin Living Vs. City Living

Which One Would You Choose?


As we grow older, we are often compelled to make decisions that would drastically change every single one of our perspectives in life. As cliche as it may sound, there is nothing permanent in this world after all – except change that is. And so dear readers, we thought to present a comparison of various locations in several states which you may or may not consider living in based on the principle of cabin vs city living.


Who knows? You might be a city dweller with a heart for simple cabin living after all.



…$1050 per month in Albany GA for 2000 sq ft vs:  $3747 per month 2br in Atlanta…



…$4000 per month in Miami FL VS $650 per month in Ocala FL…



…$7000 Per Month 2 Bedroom In New York City VS $1350 Per Month For A 2400 Sq. Ft. Farmhouse On 8+ Acres In The Catskills New York…



…$2350 per month in Downtown Tulsa Oklahoma vs $850 per month on 77 acres in Okmulgee Oklahoma…


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